The art of Maggie Humphry
The art of Maggie Humphry

           Creative : Imaginative : Individual

Hello & welcome from a now-Shropshire, previously Welsh, and originally Hertfordshire artist.

Over the years, I have worked in a wide range of media, style and subject matter. The website hopefully gives plenty of evidence of my creativity and my personal approach to art.


A more abstract (more recent) style

Illustrative - mainly drawings

Etchings and other prints

Illustrations for books and guides

Earlier days, in clay

           Royal Cambrian Academy

           Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

Kerry Vale Vineyard

... near Montgomery is the delightful setting where I'll be

with Rob Leckey for a joint exhibition. If you go, why not have four glasses of excellent wine with some truly good-food, and you might end up buying two of our pictures! (One of each, of course.)

6th August - early September

On 25th August I am leading a

pen & ink workshop


RBSA - Birmingham

My work's on the wall in the cafe area of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists for a month from 10th July.
The gallery's always worth a visit (but especially during July/August of course) - very close to St. Paul's Square, on the edge of the Jewellery Quarter.



You can see my work at The Art Vaults in Shrewsbury (near the Bear Steps) and
at the Peculiar Gallery in Rhos on Sea (wonderful butcher next door and nice little eateries down the street).
Soon at Gallery at Number 3 in Shropshire's delightful town, Ellesmere.
Oh, and I recently changed the work on the walls at Broseley's fantastic High Street eatery, Clay's of Broseley.

A pleasure remembered

In June 2015, I was awarded the Judy Townsend Memorial Prize at the Shropshire Art Sociey's summer exhibition which runs for several weeks at St. Mary's church, in Shrewsbury.


Judy was a great art-enthusiast, a wonderful organiser, and an engagingly warm person. To receive recognition for my piece from her family was very warming for me.

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