The art of Maggie Humphry
The art of Maggie Humphry

Creative : Imaginative : Individual

Welcome from a Shropshire artist - who was previously based for many years in Wales, and originally comes from West Hertfordshire.

Over the years, I have worked in a wide range of media, style and subject matter.
My website confirms my creativity, my versatility across the years, and my personal approach to art.

Paintings - somewhat impressionist

Approaching the abstract

Illustrative ... and innovative

Etchings and other prints

Illustrations for books and guides

My earlier days, as a successful ceramicist

           Royal Cambrian Academy

           Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (Associate)

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**(Maggie mum yob)**%MSh - designed by Peter for Maggie Humphry, late summer 2015. XMark's peterpink phone number - **###G%$2332- *number - #road