The art of Maggie Humphry
The art of Maggie Humphry

reproduction prints

These prints are copies of originals, acquired high quality digital scanning.

They are all available as unlimited editions, and are printed at giclee quality onto heavyweight watercolour paper
using Epson's long-life inks.


"Maggie Humphry's Shropshire"


In 2004 I produced a book of sixty drawings of villages, streets, and scenes from across this delightful county.


Images are available as reproduction prints, including the smaller ones that were embedded within my comments. Three were produced as limited editions, printed with a massive professional press onto extra heavyweight paper.


View and purchase here


"All (you ever wanted to know) about Christmas"


In 2004, in collaboration with Dorothy Nicolle, I illustrated her intriguing book about Christmas.


I sought to capture the very essence of the theme of each chapter, using drawings that were distinct and different, and which had a sense of permanence about them. I worked hard to ensure that they demonstrated artistry, and I purposefully gave them a feel of "tradition", rather than modernity. In a way, I suppose that I wanted them to "look as old as Christmas".


You can see some of the drawings here, and you can buy online. The prints are in sepia-like tone, printed onto white watercolour paper. view prints


Broseley Lights - the Christmas card from 2008 - image width 18cm


There are many things that make Broseley special, and the annual display of lights at Christmas time is one if the 'biggies'. This is the design for the card that was used as one of the fund raisers a few years back.


I'm happy for it to be on sale for ever, in the interests of both Broseley and its lights - all proceeds above our costs will go to the lights funds.


Coordinates are - 52.613371, -2.482754 (approximately)

Broseley Christmas card
9.50 GBP

Price includes postage

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