The art of Maggie Humphry
The art of Maggie Humphry

Limited edition reproduction prints

These have been professionally printed at higher than Giclee quality onto heavyweight paper.

They are individually numbered and signed.



Stokesay Castle, Shropshire - image 32cm by 23cm - edition of 250


There is a magic in the wooded hills which flows and fills the valley, hinting at different times. So old. So old. The walls once echoing with tales and laughter and much good sweet wine fillings the cups. Flanked by a sea of yellow rape and rippling corn this great stone ship comes sailing down. Brambles and wild oats are pushed aside like ocean waves.


And yes, the sky that day was that blue, and it was just as cloudless: it's as it really was, then.


One of the images from my Shropshire book.


Ordnance survey reference SO 436.816

25.50 GBP

Price includes postage


Muckley Cross Barns, Shropshire - image 32.5cm by 23cm - edition of 250


My old yearning to live on a farm long gone, I now feast my eyes and capture the traditional buildings soon to be converted. What of the swallows, owls, and secret creatures? Countless dark recesses smelling of hay and animals soon to be lost. A moving figure in the gloom attracts the ever hungry sheep.


Giat puff balls grow in fairy rings waiting to be plucked from the turf and fried for tea - yem, yum.


One of the images from my Shropshire book that makes the work even more deeply meaningful, in that it's yet another old vernacular builing that has been turned into a desirable dwelling. Just a few of its features will have been incorporated into the new, but the old is gone for ever.


Ordnance survey reference SO 646.960

Muckley Barns
25.50 GBP

Price includes postage


Myddleton Arms, Ruthin - image 34cm by 24cm - edition of 360


This print is loosely based on an old, old photograph that I had of this famous building in St Peter's Square in Ruthin.


It was not far from Llanfair, where I lived for quite a few years, and was a building that I often saw and marvelled at, and proudly showed to all my visitors.


It's known as the Seven Eyes of Ruthin, referring to its many windows. Everything now much straightened, of course, but not quite so enchanting as in times gone by.


Each print is individually enhanced by hand-tinting.

Myddleton Arms
27.50 GBP

Price includes postage

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